Seamless & secure facial authentication

Our next-gen A.I verifies identities instantly and securely.
Only one second needed to authenticate. We will detect any fraud attempts on your business
thanks to our advanced passive liveness detection solution

A fully passive facial authentication solution

Our state-of-the-art technology applies A.I to video streams in order to guarantee a robust & frictionless identity verification process

0 Fraud

An advanced passive liveness detection combined with a distinguished facial recognition solution.

0 Friction

No actions needed to perform our identity verification. Our solution guarantees a frictionless UX.


Our solution works on any device (computers, smartphones, tablets) and integrates seamlessly in your workflow.

Secure & Automate
critical processes with your face

Whether you are a private or public institution, we have a perfectly tailored solution that will meet your needs

Banks, Access Control &
Gig Economy

Onboard seamlessly your clients with a new eKYC experience, secure access to highly sensitive zones or open remotely your car.

Your face becomes your password

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