Seamless & secure identity verification

Our next-gen A.I verifies identities instantly and securely.
We WILL detect any fraud attempts on your business thanks to our advanced passive liveness detection solution

The first passive identity verification solution

Our state-of-the-art technology applies A.I to video streams in order to guarantee a robust & frictionless identity verification process

0 Fraud

An advanced passive liveness detection combined with a distinguished facial recognition solution.

0 Friction

No actions needed to perform our identity verification. Our solution guarantees a frictionless UX.


Our solution works on any device (computers, smartphones, tablets) and integrates seamlessly in your workflow.

Your business issues... our solutions !

Our servers are hosted in France and we follow all GDPR requirements. Our SaaS oriented solution is highly available and highly secured.

Whether you are a private or public institution, we have a perfectly tailored solution that will meet your needs

Secure & automate
all your critical processes
with your face

Onboard seamlessly your clients with a new digital KYC experience, validate your payments effortlessly. Your face becomes your password.

Opening a bank account has never been so easy

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Secure access
to your digital identity

Whether you need to sign a document, open a car remotely or check the identity of independent workers, all you need is a phone and your face to secure your processes.

Build trust in your community instantly

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The growing deepteam

Meet our talented and passionate team coming from the best universities and companies in the world

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